About Sew Personal

The year is 2007. It’s a warm summer night and we are on a backroad somewhere in Isle of Wight County. The windows are down and more than likely my head is hanging out of the window because Lauren has the heat on full blast. “Born to Fly” by Sara Evans cranked up as loud as it will go. The music volume wasn’t optional because the tires on the 1988 Ford Pickup were pretty hard to drown out. We probably just scrounged up enough change to put $8.97 in the gas tank which would get us about 25 miles in that thing but somehow, no matter how many roads we traveled with the tank on “E” we never ran out of gas. That’s where our friendship is rooted and just like that pickup truck, no matter how many roads we have traveled, we have never run out of gas. Two lifelong best friends with the same dream and here you have it - Sew Personal Boutique. Here we will take you down all the “backroads” of friendship and fashion and share all of the curves and bumps along the way.